Technical means and devices for inspections/testings:

  1. Pneumatic manipulator
  2. Stationary stand with a pneumatically driven hydraulic pump for strength and density tests up to 500bar.
  3. Stand for hydraulic testing of cylinders with a pneumatic drive – mobile 0-400bar.
  4. Disassembly-and-assembly stand for cocks and T-joints, horizontal
  5. Disassembly-and-assembly stand for cocks and T-joints, vertical
  6. Stand for cylinders’ drying.
  7. Stand for inspecting the burst pressure and cubical dilatation.
  8. Stand for inspecting the spontaneous ignition temperature of the material in an oxygen environment.
  9. Stand for inspecting the resistance to impact energy of valves.
  10. Stand for inspecting the air tightness under cyclic load of vessels – fatigue effect.
  11. Stand for inspecting the air tightness under cyclic load of valves – fatigue effect.
  12. Stand for determining the valve resistance by means of oxygen shock wave.
  13. Stand for filling / emptying and testing of tanks having a Pmax 100bar.
  14. Stand for removal of outer coating (for cylinders).
  15. Marking head with controller
  16. Instrument/gauge for recording the observations/ measuring, type: JUMO Logoscreen 500
  17. Illumination meter
  18. Endoscopic camera
  19. Light source Endolux 5, explosion-proof type.
  20. Set for magnetic-particle control.
  21. Set for ultrasonic thickness gauge
  22. Measuring and control profile boards,
  23. Measure gauge for a torque
  24. Oscilloscope DS021 2,8”.
  25. Working calibration unit - WCU 2
  26. Gas alarm device and analyst
  27. Multimeter
  28. Metallographic microscope, 25х4
  29. Microscope with a measuring index-line24х
  30. Hardness tester HPO 250
  31. Comparative block for hardness second level by the method of Brinell.
  32. Vacuum pump, 0 to -0,8 bar
  33. Electronic stopwatch
  34. Electronic weighing scale, type ТНР-250С, Max=100g, d=0,01g, e=0,01g,
  35. Weighing scale, BIMCO, type В150, resolving ability 0,01 kg.
  36. Measuring reel
  37. Callipers
  38. Pressure gauge with an accuracy of Class 1 and with a range from 0 to 400bar
  39. Pressure gauge with an accuracy of Class 1 and with a range from 0 to 600bar
  40. Vacuum gauge (0 to (-1) bar
  41. Electric temperature transducer, type TSAZ1-K
  42. Resistor temperature transducer, type TSM-Pt100 (0,385)
  43. Transducer/converter of pressure, type PSPR.
  44. Thermoelectric temperature transducer, type J
  45. Thermoelectric temperature transducer, type Pt
  46. Volumetric weighbowl (yardstick 5 l)
  47. Portable/hand gas burner
  48. Hand pump, mobile pump for hydraulic testing from 0-400bar
  49. Air compressor
  50. Compressor (BOOSTER) for the compression of CH4 gas


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