From 23 Jan 2015

On 10th December 2014, KEY DIFFUSION LTD was licensed as a notified body by the European Commission, with identification number NB 2574, with a scope, in accordance with the published in NANDO European Register, namely – performing conformity assessment activities, exceptional checks, intermediate inspections, periodic inspections, reassessment of conformity of transportable pressure equipment for substances of class 2 (with the exception of acetylene), as specified in Section 6 of ADR, RID and ADN, in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2010/35/EC and the Ordinance on the material requirements and assessment of the conformity of transportable pressure equipment of the following types:

-          Cylinders, tubes, pressure drums;

-          Closed cryogenic receptacles;

-          Cylinder racks/bundles (batteries/sections and batteries/tubes);

-          Battery vehicles;

-          Containers of type MEGC;

-          Tanks;

-           and their components (valves) for transporting substances of class 2 according to  ADR/RID/ADN with the exception of those for acetylene.

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